Plant a Garden

One of the most misunderstood threats to civilization is that of climate change. It has been politicized and pseudo-scienced into a subject that is far too murky to understand with a reasonable amount of thought and research.

I have done an unreasonable amount of research and spend even more time thinking about the subject.

The Earth’s atmosphere is warming and it is due to the burning of fossil fuels.

The Earth was tipping into another ice age in the 1700’s and humans got so desperate that they started burning rocks to stay warm. Some of them found large amounts of flammable rock which they named coal.

The Earth would still be cooling if that hadn’t happened. But, since we discovered coal and other fossil fuels we’ve been able to avoid another ice age. Congratulations.

The environment is far more resilient than we think. We have not and will not tip the Earth into a climate death spiral.

Weather is going to change and every place on Earth is going to get warmer.

The government does not have any solution that will work as has been demonstrated by Gail Tverberg at Our Finite Planet.

World leaders seem to have their minds made up regarding what will fix world CO2 emissions problems. Their list includes taxes on gasoline consumption, more general carbon taxes, cap and trade programs, increased efficiency in automobiles, greater focus on renewables, and more natural gas usage.

Unfortunately, we live in a world economy with constrained oil supply. Because of this, the chosen approaches have a tendency to backfire if some countries adopt them, and others do not. But even if everyone adopts them, it is not at all clear that they will provide the promised benefits.

She concentrates on ways to reduce CO2 emissions which is a noble goal but ultimately, because of the reasons she lists, isn’t going to be successful.

Humanity needs to start soaking up CO2 in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Plant a garden.

Especially plants high in carbohydrates like potatoes, yams, spring onions, beets and turnips.

The more biomass you can grow, consume and cycle back into your garden farm the more CO2 you’re pulling out of the atmosphere.

As I’ve stated before…

Every single threat to society can be addressed by Permaculture.

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